Grav: creating a user with editor role

When you install Grav by default you will have an user with Administrator role for the Admin panel, with full access on all website’s contents and configurations.

An user with the Editor role should be allowed to manage only website pages, without having access to configurations (configurations, plugins and themes). This could be really nice if you need to give permissions for modify page contents to someone else, hiding to him all website configurations.

Here is how to create a new user with such role.

1. Create a new user

Start the creation of a new user by typing following command from the website root:

$ php -f bin/plugin login newuser

Will be asked you to fill the following values:

  • username: the username for the new user (e.g.: editor)
  • password: the password for the new user
  • email: an email address (needed, for example, to recover the password)
  • permissions: choose Admin and Site Access
  • full name: the displayed name
  • title: you can set Editor here.
  • status: choose enabled.

2. Create the editor role

Open this file (or create it if it does not exists):


and add the following content to create a new group named editors:

  icon: users
  readableName: 'Editor Users'
  description: 'The group of editors users'
      login: true
      pages: true
      maintenance: true
      super: false
      login: true

3. Assign the editor role to the new user

Open the file:


where [username] is the username of the new user (created at step 1).

Replace these lines:

    login: true
    super: true
    login: true

With this:

  - editors

In order to assign the new user to the editors group.

So now you should have something like this:

  - editors
fullname: Editor
title: Editor
state: enabled
hashed_password: $5g$32$VC.QXG6Nycds0d5UvCDj0dHGFDlFsLcC.JQE4SNqoR2

Save the file.

Now you can try to access the Admin panel with the new user. You should see only the Pages tab in the left sidebar (other than Dashboard and Logout). All the site’s cofigurations are not available for this user.


  • Mathew Teague

    I sadly can’t get this to work. Grav just comes back with Login Failed.


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