Installing Roots 7.0.0 on WordPress

With the last release Roots 7.0.0 has introduced some new features and the installation is a little bit changed. To install it (without Bedrock) follow these steps:

  1. Prerequisites: node/npm CLI installed; Bower CLI installed
  2. Download Roots from github
  3. Unzip it in the WordPress themes folder (and rename it if you want)
  4. I don’t want to install Bower locally, so open package.json and remove bower line from dependencies and save
  5. Open the terminal and enter:
sudo npm install
bower install

Development mode

Add to your wp-config.php:

define('WP_ENV', 'development');

This sets Roots in “development mode” and it will loads main.css and scripts.js (both not minified for debugging purpose)

Build mode

When you want to deploy remove the define('WP_ENV', 'development') and Roots will loads main.min.css and scripts.min.js (minified).

That’s all!


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